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Playing around with "Mesh" Networking Technologies, Topologies and Applications in Chattanooga

ChattMetro.Net Goals

  1. A reasonably secure localized "mesh" or repeated network for local "off-line" communications
  2. Useful Applications for Community, Emergency/Disaster Response, Special Events
  3. Ability for others to join network (BYOD), extending range, services, scope and gateways to other communications networks

Release Log

2015-08-12 6pm: Back to trying to get Commotion to work like I want it to. If the Irish coffee does not get to me first.

8:30pm: The "Irish Coffee" is a reference to the OpenWRT shell login page... I got frustrated again with Commotion's attempt to have a slicker friendlier web interface than bare OpenWRT. I'm back to a default current OpenWRT load, and things worked well quickly. This is home base.. going to play from there.

2015-08-11Installed and playing with Broadband-Hamnet.org, which at least works, has a good set of preset configurations and was educational. It's also limited and tuned up for hammers. It makes me want to re-load Commotion and see if what I learned was useful in making it work better. Maybe even fix some of the issues and post them back to Commotion.
2015-08-06Open invite sent:
Interested and want to play together?
August 12th, Wednesday at "geeklabs"
1031 Lower Brow Road, Signal Mtn. 6pm until ???
2015-08-05Web based chat works. On the main mesh server is a small web based chat interface. A proof of concept. I'd like to add the ability to upload and share files and some other things, but I am also thinking an install of DocuWiki might be a better place for such things.
2015-08-05Putting together proofs of concept. Breaking things. Playing with some:
2015-08-04Mobile network gateway. For fun, and because I could, I stuck one of the Ubiquity Bullet M2's and Antenna's on the roof our small RV. As the Bullet M2 can be used as a client, access point, gateway, etc.. it might be useful. As the RV aready has 2 different GPRS (AT&T and Verizon) upstreams as well as a hi-gain directional WiFi uplink, this could provide aggregate upstreams and a local WiFi hotspot, as well as allow the RV to connect to WiFi (legal and with permission) signals. Rationalization: Could provide mesh/localized services to events...

Current Mesh Network Settings

You might be able to see and join this mesh either near Signal Mtn or near 7th and Broad Street (or both) depending on where I have the gear and if it is working. Current networks settings:

mesh name:ChattMetro.Net
Channel:11 (subject to change)
mesh password:ZippityDooDah (subject to change)
Wifi AP SSID:PublicChattMetroNet

Current known nodes

geeklabs.chattmetro.net = The main gateway, node closest to the server and should have an upstream gateway as well. Probably NOT reachable from the internet (subject to chahge)

beaker.chattmetro.net = A mesh node, not a gateway, but also supplies a local WiFi AP.

To Do:

  1. Everything.

Want to help?